Well, I used the holster you custom made for me for about a month now. I have put it through the ringer and honestly treated it like crap. Mud, snow, rain, and about 90 hours carried while actively training and countless hours with it strapped to my hip just using it to carry. I have to say this is easily the best quality holster I have ever purchased. It maintains the same retention as it did the day I opened the box and somehow has had almost no wear on my pistol from the consistent drawing and carry repetitions. There are only two possibilities I can come up with. Either I am currently training like a pansy and need to step up my game or you have a completely reliable, hardy and well made custom holster for my weapon. I just completed 12 years of active duty service in the United States Marine Corps so I'm willing to bet lunch its not the first possibility.  Good job, I will be emailing you shortly for some more custom orders.


Johnstown, PA.

Hey, I got the holster in the mail the other day I couldn't be happier. The fit is perfect, super tight to provide retention while on the move, but not so tight I wont be able to draw it. I really do appreciate the 406 koozie. All around you have great customer service, fantastic prices, and awesome quality gear. I am an avid gun collector, I will not be ordering kydex from anyone other than 406 from here on out.

-M. Hernandez  

Johnstown, PA


When I needed a carry solution for my pistol, I wanted a holster that was going to fit my S&W Shield Perfomance Center 9mm like a glove. Looking into my options, I had questions and Aeron stepped up to explain what may be best for me, showed me what Kydex is and how it fits and molds perfectly to the pistol, plus explained the OWB vs. IWB options. He showed me a couple of examples and I was sold, and had to have my own custom Kydex setup from 406 Holsters. A few days later, I had it - thanks Aeron!

With a CCW training course coming up, I needed a holster quick. Aeron stepped up and custom made me an IWB, plus a magazine carrier, shipped it out to me fast, and I had everything I needed to take the course - and I passed with flying colors. Plus I had the best fitting and best looking setup out of all the others taking the course.

The best thing about my 406 Holsters IWB setup is that I can CCW my S&W Shield pistol comfortably and safely. Custom made with expert attention to detail, fit and finish, it's the best carry solution out there. Plus it's custom made in Montana, because supporting local business is important. 

Mike R.

Laurel, MT

Aeron built me a OD Green OWB rig for my Para Ordnance Black Ops that has a Streamlight TLR1 mounted on it. Fit and finish is tight and rattle free yet smooth and quick to present the weapon. It has been on my hip fairly consistently and always while in the woods. It has held up to the outdoors impressively even surviving basically unscathed an impromptu trip sliding down a muddy hill while attached to me and cleaned up very well and most of all it protected my weapon like a champ. Great Job Aeron!!!

Jerry L.

Missoula, MT


Safe and secure! I've wasted money on multiple holsters for my G23 and they have all been sub-par at best. Aeron's IWB is the most comfortable and secure holster I have ever worn, I never get pinched or feel like I need to worry about my handgun falling out. I have had my handgun fall out of an uncle Mike's Kydex and a Galco leather holsters. I really appreciate Aeron'sattention to detail on smooth edges and solid construction. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the next one.

Kevin M.

Florence, Mt

Big thanks to Aeron at 406 Holsters. Attention to detail, and customer service are second to none. I got a beautifully made custom holster and mag carrier for my EAA Witness that nobody else in the aftermarket makes. He will be my first call anytime I pick up a new handgun. A++

Mark G.

Missoula, MT

Speed and comfort. I took my new holster to the range today. I don't know how you knew, but the retention was set exactly right. There is just enough tension to I am not having to pull straight up. Easy to holster the weapon after a speed round. Took some getting used to, for drawing from seated, not too bad though. I might loose it though, since my wife also has a weapon that fits it perfectly. Thanks again!

Robert M.

Knoxville, TN

I was shopping for a holster for my FN FiveseveN. Anyone with one of these will tell you that finding holsters for these is not easy. I was really impressed with the work I saw from 406 and on a whim contacted Aeron to see if he could make one. He tracked down a mold and agreed to help me out. 406 has a business model rarely seen anymore, I got a call to review all the details I wanted and answer every question. Having ordered holsters before I put it out of my mind figuring I would see it in a couple months. Less than a couple days later I had an email that it was in the mail. I was blown away that I was able to get a custom holster, for a gun that he had never done before, clear across the country in less than a week and a half. 

To top it all off the holster looks and fits perfect. I wanted an IWB that could be easily taken on and off, exactly what I got. Somehow it managed to make a very full size gun disappear.

This will not be the last holster I order from 406. Hopefully he will get a mold for a Taurus TCP soon...

Rick W - Ball Ground, GA

I have a unique setup with a Glock 40 M.O.S. with light and suppressor height sites. I was having trouble finding a holster for that configuration. I ordered two holsters from 406Holsters, one with the light and one without.  I received the holsters on time and they are fantastic. I am very happy with the quality, workmanship and professional nature of the transaction. I will think of 406Holsters next time I need a holster.

Dan S.

Lolo, MT

“I’ve ordered two IWB holsters from Aeron (G42 and G19). Both times Aeron contacted me the same day I placed my order, spoke to me about sizing, sent me additional pictures, and even discussed the best belt loop size to fit my needs. 406Holster cares about customer service and getting things right the first time. They are professional and timely. Each time I ordered Aeron gave me an accurate, to the day, estimate of when he would make and send my holster. Once sent, I received an email with a tracking number. Each holster has fit my weapon like a glove: has adjustable tension screws and zero rough edges. I’ve carried a gun IWB every day for the last 7 years and these holsters are exactly what I’ve been looking for. I will be ordering again for any weapon I carry. Buy with confidence, you won’t go wrong. 


Chris S.

Active Duty Air Force

West Hartford, CT.