I was shopping for a holster for my FN FiveseveN. Anyone with one of these will tell you that finding holsters for these is not easy. I was really impressed with the work I saw from 406 and on a whim contacted Aeron to see if he could make one. He tracked down a mold and agreed to help me out. 406 has a business model rarely seen anymore, I got a call to review all the details I wanted and answer every question. Having ordered holsters before I put it out of my mind figuring I would see it in a couple months. Less than a couple days later I had an email that it was in the mail. I was blown away that I was able to get a custom holster, for a gun that he had never done before, clear across the country in less than a week and a half. 

To top it all off the holster looks and fits perfect. I wanted an IWB that could be easily taken on and off, exactly what I got. Somehow it managed to make a very full size gun disappear.

This will not be the last holster I order from 406. Hopefully he will get a mold for a Taurus TCP soon...

Rick W - Ball Ground, GA