Well, I used the holster you custom made for me for about a month now. I have put it through the ringer and honestly treated it like crap. Mud, snow, rain, and about 90 hours carried while actively training and countless hours with it strapped to my hip just using it to carry. I have to say this is easily the best quality holster I have ever purchased. It maintains the same retention as it did the day I opened the box and somehow has had almost no wear on my pistol from the consistent drawing and carry repetitions. There are only two possibilities I can come up with. Either I am currently training like a pansy and need to step up my game or you have a completely reliable, hardy and well made custom holster for my weapon. I just completed 12 years of active duty service in the United States Marine Corps so I'm willing to bet lunch its not the first possibility.  Good job, I will be emailing you shortly for some more custom orders.


Johnstown, PA.