About Our Shop

406 Holsters is a small, custom Kydex holster shop based in Missoula, MT. Like most all holster makers these days, our humble beginnings (day one shown below!) started with a vision to create holsters that we would wear and use day in and day out, at an affordable price. We worked with our local customers to get instant and direct feedback about what was working with our holsters and what was not. We have used this feedback to make the changes necessary to create what we feel are simple, yet effective carry solutions. We pride ourselves on making holster by hand, one at at time, with great attention to detail. Whether you are a responsibly armed citizen and needs gear that can keep up with them on a daily basis, MIL/LEO that has specific needs for on, or off duty carry, or simply someone who enjoys the stress relief of an occasional trip to the shooting range, we can accommodate you.