EDC Essentials Wallet


This EDC (Every Day Carry) Essentials Kydex wallet will allow you to carry everything you need for your daily travels, and will make you leave all the useless junk at home! Get rid of that huge bulge in the your back pocket full of Taco Bell receipts and business cards you picked up, but will never use!! This wallet is hand made from the highest quality .080 Kydex and has the capacity to carry up to 6 cards internally. You may be able to fit more cards depending on the type of cads. Slash cut on the card section allows you to fan out the card/ID that you need quickly and easily. The EDC Essentials wallet will also keep your cards from cracking and breaking, as even in your back pocket, the cards are completely protected on both side with extremely strong Kydex! Quit sitting lopsided in your car and office chair, and try a EDC Essentials Kydex wallet today! 

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Please note that all wallets are hand made individually, and may differ slightly from images shown. This will not effect performance and useablility in any way.

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