IWB - Inside The Waistband Holsters

Light Bearing Appendix IWB


The AIWB, our lightbearing, inside the waistband holster, is designed for light bearing micro pistols and full frame pistols alike. They feature ride cant that is adjustable between 0 and 15 degrees forward with fold over injection molded clips, and adjustable retention. and concealment claw that pulls the pistol grip closer to the body for maximum concealment. Muzzles are covered, but feature an open bottom to allow any debris to easily fall out of the holster. Body side of the holster features a higher sweat guard to help to prevent body to pistol contact. Made of the highest quality .080 Kydex and parts available. All parts made in the USA.

We are constantly working to expand our selection of weapon mounted lights. Not all lights are available for all pistols. If there is a production issue, you will be contacted to work out the details.  Light models will be added as they come available. 

Color choices as well as other options will be available when adding item to cart.

Please note that all holsters are hand made individually, and may differ slightly from images shown. This will not effect performance and usability in any way.

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